Map upgrade formula for poe game now

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Map upgrade formula for poe game now

Notapor playerhot » Sab Dic 23, 2017 8:06 am

Map upgrade formula
Quite easy formula, but I've detected men and ladies mapping and obtaining unaware concerning this formula. It functions as follows - three maps of same level can provide you with map one level higher cheap exalted orbs . By means of example, promoting 3 Tier one maps to seller can provide you with one Tier a pair of map. For formula to work, every of the maps have to be compelled to be the precise same.

Physical harm / Spell harm formula
That is my favored formula to utilize although i am leveling new characters. It allows you to form pretty potent weapons for brand spanking new characters with very very little currency investment.

The formula consists of two elements - one buy exalted orbs magnified physical hurt, a distinct for magnified spell hurt. It works as follows:
Physical harm recipe: weapon + blacksmith’s stone + rustic sash. The improved physical harm worth can deem rarity of your rustic sash - regular sash can provide you with 20-49% physical hurt, magic sash can provide you with 50-69% physical harm and uncommon sash can offer you with - 70-89% physical harm on your weapon.

Spell harm recipe: dagger/sceptre/wand/staff + blacksmith’s stone + chain belt. the improved spell harm value can deem rarity of chain belt - traditional belt can provide you with 10-19% spell harm, blue belt can offer you with 20-29% spell hurt and uncommon belt can offer you with 30-39% spell harm on your weapon.
All of these can be find in all of you come to playerhot for more!
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Re: Map upgrade formula for poe game now

Notapor paylituzu » Sab Ene 06, 2018 4:07 am

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