New neighbor's dog never stops barking!

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New neighbor's dog never stops barking!

Notapor JoeClark » Vie Nov 03, 2017 2:13 pm

Hello all,

Any advice?

Our next door neighbors moved in two months ago. I've only met the parents once, but the kids hang out with my kids. The problem is their big dog (don't know what kind, I think it's a mix). They tie the poor thing up outside at 7 am, and the barking begins. They go to work, and leave the dog tied up outside ALL DAY LONG. The barking continues until they bring him inside. Last night it was 10:45 pm and I could hear it. The dog is tied up to a huge barn, so it has the option to go out of the sun if need be. Also there is a bucket of water for it to drink. Still, I feel very sorry for the poor dog.

However, I feel more sorry for ME! Since they've moved in, I cannot sit outside, keep my windows open, or relax. It is the most horrible, annoying, non-stop sound. I've been wearing headphones and listening to music from 7 am to 11 pm. If I take my headphones out and the dog happens to be quiet for a second, I enjoy the silence, and then he inevitably starts right up again. This is really causing me great anxiety. Other neighbors have complained about it too. Until this point, everyone around us with dogs was overly considerate. You barely knew any of our neighbors had dogs because as soon as they barked, they'd bring the dog in.

Can you make an anonymous call to the dog warden? Would they take that seriously, or do you have to leave your name? I don't want a bad relationship with these neighbors, even though they are ruining my peace.

Alternatively, I started looking into dog repellant sound emitters, but the reviews are pretty mixed on those.

Has anyone actually had success with getting a neighbor's dog to stop barking, either by talking to them about it (which is the least favorable option, in my opinion) or having a dog warden step in?

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