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The surgical operation procedure in which the lens is removed from the eyes and replaced with an artificial one is known as cataract surgery. This procedure is used in treatment of cataracts which is the clouding of the lens which under normal conditions should be very clear. The specialists that perform the surgery are known as ophthalmologists. In looking to take up cataract surgery Orange County residents are supposed to understand what the procedure involves. The operation is done and the patients released on the same day.

Blurry vision and increase in glare from light are the two main effects of cataracts. A number of people take a long time before considering the surgical operation because the condition has no effect on their daily lives. When however the condition interferes with how one does certain activities http://www.patriotsfansproshop.com/Patriots+David+Harris+Rush+Jersey.html?cat=1450 , they will have no option but to go for surgery. There will also be need for an operation when cataracts interfere with treatment of other eye problems.

For example, there are instances when the cataracts make it very hard for eye doctors to examine the sections at the back part of the eyes. This is for example when they want to treat other eye conditions like diabetic retinopathy or macular degeneration. The length of time it takes before one considers the surgical operation does not really affect the condition of the eyes.

The chances of one experiencing complications after the treatment are very low. Some of the risks are bleeding, swelling, inflammations http://www.patriotsfansproshop.com/Patriots+David+Andrews+Rush+Jersey.html?cat=1402 , loss of vision and glaucoma. When the individual has eye infections or even other adverse medical conditions, then they are likely to experience complications. Conditions like macular degeneration or glaucoma will make the operation not to improve vision.

There is requirement for the individuals to prepare well in readiness for their treatment. One way to do so is to undergo certain tests, for instance ultrasound. Ultrasound is done to measure both the size and shape of the eye. This helps to determine the type of lens implant that they will need. Further, there are certain medications that should not be taken http://www.patriotsfansproshop.com/Patriots+Danny+Amendola+Rush+Jersey.html?cat=1439 , notably those that will most likely increase bleeding during treatment.

Using eye-drops helps to minimize the risk of infections. Therefore, one or two days before the surgery, antibiotic eye-drops will be prescribed. Depending on the situation at hand, eating or drinking anything for 12 hours preceding the treatment may be prohibited. Whereas one will be released to go home on the same day http://www.patriotsfansproshop.com/Patriots+Cyrus+Jones+Rush+Jersey.html?cat=1420 , they will be unable to drive and should thus arrange for transport.

The pupil is dilated by placing eye drops into the eyes before the treatment. There is then administration of anesthetics for pain relief and sedatives to make the person relaxed. The artificial lens is then put in place of the cloudy one. One would not have to take a long time at the office of the ophthalmologist as the whole procedure takes just an hour or even less.

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